Welcome toِ Ustathah(Fathia Shalash) KG  Islamic Studies and Quran Teacher

Class Syllabus

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Class Notes


Teaching Philosophy

Islamic knowledge is beautiful and exciting to learn. My goal as an educator is to teach Islam with passion, love, enthusiasm and the desire to ignite change that can motivate my students and get them to love Islam and want to practice it. One of my teaching goals is to increase their love for the prophet and his companionsthe love of Islam, and the love of learning as I share my own passion, imagination and creativity and invent fun methods to impart their knowledge to others.

An average teacher imparts information; a true teacher inspires a generation!

Classroom Management

Ustathah Fathia is working with the homeroom teacher  on discipline plan .and any good behavior always praised and recognized among our class.


Fathia Shalash,
Aug 23, 2019, 9:27 AM
Fathia Shalash,
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