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Kindergarten Homework

Remember Kindergarten Homework should be FUN!

After the first two weeks of school, students will begin to work on their homework in class.  They will learn how the Reading Log works, and how to use and turn in their Blue Homework Folders.  Next, they will take their Reading Logs home in their Blue Folders along with four books to be read and reread each night with the whole package returned with initialed log on Friday.  Please "no stress!"  At first you will need to read to them, then with them, and then it is time to just listen and ask questions.  

We will then begin to work on our Sight Word Books in class.  Kindergarten students have 100 sight words to learn by the end of the year, and we will be working on them in class using various games, cheers, raps, and written work.  They will also do two to four small Sight Word Books to reinforce what they are learning in the classroom. These will be added to the Blue Folder approximately after the first month of school.    

In Math students will begin to work on Number Books in the classroom, and slowly transition to these for homework after the first few months of school.  

Students will also begin work on IXL Math in the LUA computer lab, where they can progress at their own pace in the same areas we are working on in the classroom.  After they show they are able to use the program without too much assistance, I will be sending the userid and password home to be done for homework.  Each student will be asked to spend as much time as they like on the program to build a love for learning on the computer.  Games that are really learning - how exciting!  Just set aside 10 minutes or so each night, and I think you will be able to see their progress.  I will run reports weekly to verify they are working on IXL, but at their age I will not set a REQUIRED amount of time each week.  I will leave this up to you as their parents.     

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